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New Baby...

I got a new baby... Ipad Mini 3
I'm just so happy with it..
The last Ipad I got was the big one bought last 2012..
That's the New Ipad or Ipad 3 and then now I also got Ipad Mini 3..
Of course, I'm loving it..
And syempre dahil sobrang ingat ko, I also got a pink hard case and a tempered glass protector.
Yaaaaaay!! Gotta make new memories with my new baby..


And I miss my Live Journal Account!

I think I need to make kwento!

Happy with my new LOVE

I forgot about my live journal account hehe

Anyway, I am very happy because of my new love -- Apple's New Ipad!!

I got my new iPad last August 19, 2012! My mom was the one who bought my iPad. I love her to the highest level!

I am really happy exploring my new love! I just need to buy a new casing (i am currently using my mom's casing)!

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2012 Valentines Day

February 14, 2012

Of course, my Valentines Day wont be complete if I'm not with my partner. :)
We left the office around 4:30pm and decided to eat at Mesa Restaurant in Greenbelt 5. 
We weren't sure if the restaurant can accommodate us even though we don't have any reservation with them.
Good thing when we arrived at the place (5pm), they were able to provide us a table. 

So syempre feel na feel ko kase first time namin kakain sa Mesa. Happy naman kami sa place na napili namin.
We ordered Baked Tahong, Bangus Belly Bistek and Spicy Shrimp plus 2 Garlic Rice.
I was so excited to eat kase may seafoods! Parang automatic na kase kay doni na if may event na dapat icelebrate, kelangan may seafood kahit one or two.

After eating, doni gave me his Valentines gift - ROYCE WHITE CHOCOLATE! wooooohoooooo!!!!

We were so happy since it's our first time to celebrate Valentines as a couple :)
More Valentines to come! :)

Happy Friday Merienda Date

Last Friday, February 10, 2012

Doni and I decided to have our usual friday merienda date at Banapple.
Super yummy yung mga foods even though pricey.
We ordered a chicken sandwich and a chicken with rice in tomato sauce with cheese.. Kami na ang mahilig sa manok! hahahaha 
It was fun naman, sort of our bonding na din naman yun.
After eating, we decided to buy 4 slices of cake for take out.. 

My New Lappy Baby

I'm so happy right now because I just bought a new netbook!

Super happy! :)

My new baby - Acer One 722 - C62

Of course, doni was with me when we purchased the laptop at Avant. First time to buy a new laptop using my own money! Achievement for the month of February!! :)

Sleepy Monday

February 6, 2012

Very tiring monday!

Arrived office at around 7am and sooooo sleepy!

But I really need to work because there are a lot of things to do!

Too many pending!

Ohh crap! :(

I wish I'm rich hahaha


And it all started with this picture..
He's the reason why I'm happy! :)

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Now I'm excited to use my Live Journal!



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